Analysis of Mahjong Match Records.

Tableau Public

 I recently tried using Tableau Public, the free tool of data analysis and visualization. Tableau is a convenient tool that allows you to analyze large amounts of data without programming knowledge. However, the license fee for Tableau is around $1000 per year. The free version, Tableau Public, doesn’t require payment but lacks data protection and has limitations on functionality. Since I was just looking to have some fun with numbers, I found Tableau Public to be sufficient and decided to give it a try.

For my first attempt, I analyzed my Mahjong match records.

 By examining the correlation between the number of matches played and the average win rate and scores over 100 matches, I discovered that the approximation line remained flat, indicating no growth at all. When I shared the analysis results with my wife, she asked, “Do you have too much free time?” I plan to explore various other analyses as well.

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