Purchasing a Mouse Computer for my computer replacement.

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 I replaced my Fujitsu computer that I had been using for about five years because it was getting slow and I couldn’t tolerate the frustration anymore.

Wanted a computer that runs smoothly.

 I searched online for a laptop that had a numeric keypad, didn’t have unnecessary software installed, and was as cheap as possible. I came across a Mouse Computer laptop that met these criteria. It had a 15.6-inch panel, an Intel  Core i7 CPU, a 512GB SSD, and it was on sale with a 10,000 yen discount. I upgraded the memory to 32GB and added Office, and I purchased it for just under 190,000 yen.

 The computer I received at home was exactly what I wanted.

 I was a bit worried since I ordered it online, but it started up without any issues and runs smoothly. I have been using it for about two weeks now, and I have no complaints. The computer work has become so comfortable that I tend to overdo it, so I think I need to pay more attention to time management.

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